At Invicta Lettings we aim to ensure all our tenants are well informed and have a stress free rental. In order to help you with your move we have answered some common rental questions:

Am I a suitable tenant?

Landlords ask us to find reliable tenants for their properties. It is our job to ensure that the tenants are a suitable match for the property and that we are satisfied with the creditability of the tenant. We appreciate honesty and would ask that if you have any doubt about your credit history or income, that you discuss this with us prior to viewing properties.

What about smoking?

Most landlords are looking for non-smokers for their properties. If you do smoke, then please check with us first.

What about pets?

That really depends on the landlord – and the pet!

Can I afford the property?

You must decide how much rent you can afford to pay. Don’t forget you will have other expenses to pay each month, like Council Tax, gas and electricity, telephone etc., in addition to normal household costs. We use an affordability calculation to determine your suitability for a property. If we feel you cannot afford the property based on this calculation we will advise you of this and may request you do not view the property.

What items are included at the property?

Please do NOT assume that items you see on a viewing a property will be included in the tenancy. If you have any doubt about what is included/excluded, then please check with us before committing to a property.

Tenants Charges

Please clck here to view our Tenant Charges.

What deposit will I need?

Our standard deposit is 5 weeks rent.

What happens to my deposit?

All managed tenancy deposits on AST tenancy agreements are held under the approved (DPS) Deposit Protection Service, which provide independent settlement of any disputes and ensures that your money is safely held during the tenancy.


During your Tenancy, if the property is being managed by Invicta Lettings, we will deal with any problems and queries you have. If the property is not being managed, all matters concerning the property are between you and the Landlord and the Landlord should be contacted in the event of any difficulties during the Tenancy.

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