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You can include the following optional services at an additional cost (fully inclusive costs):

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Creating a professional inventory

A schedule of condition of the property and its contents (with pictures) carried out in house by a qualified member of staff. The costing is dependant on the size of the property, as this will reflect on the level of content of the inventory and require more time to complete.

Check in to include meter readings

  • Agree with tenant check in date and time appointment.
  • Go over the inventory of the property and arrange for the tenant to sign each page to agree to the condition of the property on moving in
  • Show the tenant how any appliances work (Boiler, Alarm etc)
  • Take meter readings and update utility companies (Gas/electric/water/waste/council tax) as tenants take over responsibility.
  • Go over our maintenance procedures with the tenant(s) (If managed) & show tenant where the stopcock is.
  • Provide the tenant(s) if applicable with a copy of the gas safety certificate.
  • Provide tenant with emergency contact numbers.

Check Outs & Condition Report

  • Agree with tenant check out date and time appointment.
  • Carry out a report of the condition of the property using the inventory as a checklist to determine any items missing, damaged or requiring cleaning.
  • Emailing the report to the landlord with pictures where applicable
  • Taking meter readings and updating utility companies (gas/electric/water/waste/council tax).
  • Collecting all keys back from the tenant(s) as noted in the inventory and testing.

Deposits – Negotiating deductions

  • Liaising with the landlord and offering advice on deposit deductions.
  • Liaising between tenant(s) and landlord(s) to come to an agreement.
  • Speaking to tenant(s) to discuss these deductions and to verbally agree a figure.
  • Explaining to tenants the process of how to release their deposit minus any deductions that have been agreed.

Deposit Disputes – Filing report to arbitrator

If the tenant(s) do not agree to the deductions put forward by the landlord then there is a dispute process to follow:

  • Filing the tenants deposit in dispute
  • Drafting and sending a report to the arbitrators outlining what the deductions are for and providing evidence and reasoning for the deductions requested.
  • Following the arbitrators decision to give feedback to the landlord(s) based on their ruling on the tenant(s) deposit.

Issuance of increase in rent notice

  • Liaising with tenant(s) and landlord(s) to negotiate rent increase
  • Drawing up a letter addressed to the tenants to notify them that their rent is increasing giving them the appropriate notice
  • Sending by proof of postage to the tenants address

Renewal of Contract

  • Contribution towards drawing up the new tenancy agreement if an existing tenant renews their contract
  • Negotiating with landlord and tenant on any amendments to the tenancy agreement
  • Arranging for tenant(s) and any guarantor(s) to sign the tenancy agreement
  • Countersigning the document on the landlords behalf
  • Issuing copies of the new tenancy agreement to the tenant
  • Where applicable arranging for the tenant to re-sign their deposit protection service form they were issued when they moved in and needs to be re-signed every time there is a change made to the tenancy.

Property Inspections

  • Contact the tenant to arrange an inspection date
  • Visit the property at the arranged date/time doing a walkthrough observation of the property to ensure the property is being looked after, flagging up with the tenant if there are any concerns
  • Asking the tenant if they have had any problems
  • Taking any new contact details for the tenant where applicable
  • Taking pictures for the landlord to show how the property is being looked after and pictures of any problems or concerns
  • Sending an email report to the landlord with pictures with a condition report and where applicable any concerns and how they may be remedied.

Issuance of tenancy continuation notice

  • Negotiating with the tenant(s) any change in terms of the tenancy
  • Drafting a letter to the tenant(s) notifying them that their tenancy will go onto a periodic contract and any change in terms (e.g. Rent increase).
  • Sending the letter by proof of postage.

Issuance of possession notices

  • Notifying the tenant before the notice is issued as to the reason to why its being issued by phone
  • Drafting the required notice addressed to the tenants and sending by proof of postage.
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